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Ahman Green
Green Bay Packers all-time leading rusher
"After playing in the NFL for years, I've seen the other side in retirement - the fantasy football, Madden, and video games. Fans really understand the game, and Project FANchise is going to take them closer to the real action than they've ever been before."
Walt Harris
San Francisco 49ers All-Pro corner
"I played in the NFL for many years, and know fans have only gotten smarter and more in tune with the game of football. They understand strategy and play calling. To me FANchise is a fan's dream come true."
Desmond Clark
Chicago Bears Pro Bowl tight end
"Football is a game, but it's also a business. Fans are what make this game great. They're watching pro football in record numbers, buying tickets and merchandise. Fans love football like we love playing it. Project FANchise is going to give fans a chance to finally be heard. It's like fantasy football on crack. I love it!"
Tony Parrish
San Francisco 49ers All-Pro Safety
"People often have strong opinions on how they would run their favorite football team. To those fans I say, here's your chance! Project FANchise is going to give you the tools to build and field a winning team."
Leonard Little
St. Louis Rams All-Pro DE
"It's hard to describe what it's like in the locker room, but one thing I know is once you're out of the the game, it's hard to capture that feeling. I'm getting involved with Project FANchise because this gives me a chance to get back to that - the brotherhood, the competitiveness, the singular mission. I'm ready to join fans from around the world for a totally unique experience."
Chris Hayes
New York Jets DB
"Pro football can't be captured by managing a fantasy football team, picking players on DraftKings or FanDuel or playing video games. It gives you a taste, but there's so much more to the BUSINESS of the game. Project FANchise is the first opportunity for fans to truly become part of football - of all aspects of the sport."
Junior Spivey
Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star 2nd Baseman
"Whether it's fantasy baseball or fantasy football, Madden or MLB: The Show, sports fans have more and more outlets to learn the game and show their skill as GMs, coaches and thinkers. Project FANchise is the next step - and it's going to take the knowledge all sports fans have to the next level!"
Fabien Bownes
Seattle Seahawks WR
"Project FANchise is all about giving fans more power, but it's also about training the next generation of great football minds. Whether you are a fantasy guy or Madden guy there is something for you at FANchise. If you want to be the next great scout, coach, or GM, Project FANchise can be that lifeline. We want the best, and this is how it starts!"
Chris Draft
Atlanta Falcons LB
"I've played competitive football for most of my life, from high school and college to the pros. When you retire, you don't retire from that competitive fire that burns inside you and never goes away - it's always going to be there. Project FANchise is a great outlet for that, giving you a chance to get back in the game, running all aspects of a football team."
Jeremy Lincoln
Chicago Bears CB
"The thing I miss the most about football is not the lights and cameras, but the locker room. Going to war with my fellow teammates and coaches day in and day out. The celebrations when we win, and the loses that brought us closer together. FANchise brings that locker room feel back that all players miss."</div

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